Attaching Scanned Documents:

  • Documents must be clear, colored, and complete.

  • Scan both sides of the document.

  • No erasures, additions, or other unauthorized manipulations.

  • Upload a high quality scanned copy.

  • The names on the account and the document must be the same.

  • Documents must indicate the client's complete address.

  • Documents must be no later than six months past.

  • If a legal entity, provide the company's registration and shareholder certificate, as well as a document of the individual owning the account.

  • Documents in local language must be translated into English and have it notarized. Submit the scanned copy of the original document.

  • Accepted image file formats are .jpeg, .gif, .pdf, and .png. It should not exceed 2 MB.

Verify your ITC FOREX account to access all our services. Please take note this process can only be done on our website. If you do not verify your account, you may not be able to fully access our services.

Account verification is easy and simple. Just provide a scanned copy of a valid passport, ID or driving license and a proof of residence document.

After sending the requirements, our account team will look into it. You will receive an email validating your account or requesting additional documents for the verification process within 24 hours after uploading the requirements.