Trade 50+ Forex Pairs with ITC FOREX

Trade the world’s largest and most liquid market with your trading account.

ITC FOREX is one of original Forex brokers that provides a world class Forex market experience, helping new and skilled traders alike develop Forex trading strategies to improve their trading outcome.

With full access to the most popular Forex trading platforms, analyse financial markets, access mobile trading, trading signals, trading bots, with the ability to execute flexible contract sizes. Expect quick and efficient execution of your orders, with over 50+ Forex pairs available and utilise leverage up to 500:1*.

With our commission free Standard account, account holders get access to micro, mini and standard FX contract sizes. Our Plus account is designed for more active traders looking to access to institutional grade spreads and a transparent commission-based pricing structure.

We also offer Forex trading practice account on our trading platform. Try a Forex trading practice account and test your trading strategies.


Indices trading offers a diversified way to trade the movements of the global equity markets without the need to identify, trade or directly own any specific stocks or group of stocks.

For many traders, it means you can focus your efforts on a few index CFDs as opposed to having to analyse hundreds of stocks in order to make a trading decision.

When you trade Index CFDs with ITC FOREX, you’re given access to the Cash CFD, which means you’re simply trading on the movement of the index’s prices rather than purchasing the underlying futures contract. This allows you to trade in small contract sizes, which is perfect for those who are just starting out with Indices trading.

If you’re looking to test an Index CFD trading system live on MT4 & MT5, you can do so using a live trading account and test your system from as little as $0.10 per point movement.

Trade Your Preferred Index CFDs both Long and Short

Another great advantage of trading Index CFDs is the ability to go both long and short. When you are looking to benefit from the index moving higher it means you will be trading long and when you are looking to benefit from the index falling, it means you will be trading short.

Trading Metals – Gold CFDs & More

ITC FOREX gives you access to a range of precious metal pairs to trade via its MT4 and MT5 Platforms as a CFD. You can trade gold CFDs, silver CFDs and more without the need to buy physical metals; our CFD solution allows you to trade only on the price movement. We’re dedicated to making your trading experience fast and satisfying, offering powerful platforms as well as education and complimentary trading tools.

Gold and silver are two of the most commonly traded metals on a fast-moving global market.ITC FOREX offers CFD trading on gold and silver in pre-set lot sizes. For gold, a lot size is equivalent to 100 oz, and for silver, one lot is equivalent to 5,000 oz. This is a great way to take advantage of trading opportunities in this liquid market. The smaller lot sizes allow you to limit your risk and exposure while also diversifying your trading portfolio with gold CFDs and silver CFDs.

Trade Better with ITC FOREX

ITC FOREX provide new and experienced traders with access to educational resources, powerful programs and round-the-clock support. Whether you’re just starting out with trading metals or looking for a new platform to improve your strategy, ITC FOREX is the first choice when it comes to trading.


Trade Your Favourite Crypto CFDs with ITC FOREX

Engage with the Next Generation of Trading Instruments with ITC FOREX superior options for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple & Litecoin.

With the global trading market of cryptocurrencies continuing to expand, we’re focused on offering the fastest growing cryptocurrencies in the world, with options for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin CFD trading.

ITC FOREX allows new and experienced traders to speculate on the prices of all CFD cryptocurrency options without the need to directly purchase the underlying assets. With a Live ITC FOREX trading account, you don’t need to have an existing Bitcoin wallet or worry about purchasing any actual units of cryptocurrency. ITC FOREX takes care of the process for you by providing a leveraged CFD.

Choose ITC FOREX for Cryptocurrencies

Whether you’re trading for the first time or you’re an experienced Crypto CFD trader, ITC FOREX can offer you leading support, great educational resources and powerful platforms that allow you to trade on the go.


Trading commodities gives you an easy and cost-effective way to trade one of the most liquid markets in the world. It also provides instant diversification to your trading portfolio. And because commodities are traded as Contracts for Difference (CFD), you are only trading the price movement and not the physical or underlying instrument.

Using our MT4 Genesis commodity trading platform and smart trading tools, you can track the price of Oil and other commodities as they are traded in different financial centres throughout the day. You can also set alerts on the trading platform to capture the price movements particularly around high-impact events such as crude oil inventory reporting. The Correlation Trader allows you to track the correlation between different asset classes.